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About PT Informatika Mitra Sejati

PT Informatika Mitra Sejati is next generation of IT solutions and services committed to deliver quality Technology Solutions and Professional Certified IT Services that provide true business value to its clients, enabling them to achieve their desired goals and initiatives.

Our Certified Engineer and Consultants are experts in IT Infrastructure for many years in implementing many important projects in Indonesia and other country in Asia Region. With the knowledge in technology, capable in providing IT services, project management, we offer professional business solutions, together with advising, designing, and implementing Information Technology Systems services. We analyse customer requirements and business process and on this basis we purpose suitable solutions that will achieve business growth for our clients at the most efficient cost.
Our vision is to create better solutions and piece of minds for our clients IT operation. We make this possible by offering an innovative infrastructure solutions and services from very rich experience in the field and actual world, effectively IT products that will be useful for better progress of client business.

How can we help your business?
Stay relevant in an increasingly competitive environment with on-demand access to the skills and expertise needed to take new solutions from design to implementation and management. Our technical services provide the resources to deliver tangible results and a competitive edge.
High availability and the rapid, proactive resolution of issues allows your employees to keep performing at their best and delivering the value your customers expect. Through our skills and resources, we will help you get the most out of your technology. Our support is tailor-made to fit your business objectives to facilitate efficient and reliable operations.
Give your business the support it needs to succeed and grow with timely and reliable managed services. Let us help you improve your IT agility and scalability to deliver the very best to your customers. Our round-the-clock availability allows you to shift your resources to focus on what you do best.

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