Dell EMC Avamar Virtual Edition (AVE) Backup Software Implementation


Dell EMC Avamar Virtual Edition (AVE) Backup Software Implementation

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Service Description for 1 x AVE Environment as below:
 – Deploy AVE appliance Virtual Machine latest version
– Install and configure all AVE system components: Avamar software and Avamar backup for Vmware feature
– Configuration of Best Practice Tuning for AVE system
– Avamar Vmware Proxy installation and Vmware system integration
– Configure VMware clients to integrate with AVE System Backup policies
– Configuration of AVE Group Policies, Dataset Policies, Schedule Policies, Retention Policies and Replication Policies templates
– Configure Scheduling of Avamar Clients Backup policies
– Configure Reporting and monitoring from AVE system
– Configure DataDomain StorageUnit for Avamar
– DDOS firmware upgrade/downgrade to match with AVE support matrix
– DDBoost configuration from Avamar to DataDomain
 – Provide Configuration Documentation
 – Run User Acceptance Testing and sign-off


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