Dell EMC IDPA DP4400 Implementation and Configuration


Dell EMC IDPA DP4400 Implementation and Configuration

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Service Description All-in Implementation Package:
 – Rack, Stack, power Cabling
 – Node install, switch install and Network Cabling
 – Enclosure and disk drive installation
 – Network switch Basic setup for internal switches
 – Run Fiber Cabling from uplink switch to Customer switch
 – Configure switch configuration of internal switches connectivity to customer switch
– Install and configure all IDPA system components: Avamar, Avamar Proxies, Avamar NDMP accelerator, DPA, DataDomain, DPC, and DPsearch
– Configuration of IDPA Group Policies, Dataset Policies, Schedule Policies, Retention Policies and Replication Policies templates
– Configuration of Best Practice Tuning for IDPA appliance system
– Avamar Client software (with applicable Agents) Instalation (upto 20 clients – selected by customer)
– Configure Avamar clients to integrate with IDPA Avamar System Backup policies
– Configure Scheduling of Avamar Clients Backup policies
– Configure Reporting and monitoring from IDPA DPA system
– Provide Configuration Documentation
– Run User Acceptance Testing and sign-off
– Upto 5 attendees for 1 day session


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